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Bomb the Music Industry! – Adults!

February 24, 2010

In an age where bands have lengthy rider lists making their demands (NO BROWN M&M’S PLEASE!) and the cast members of the “Jersey Shore” are getting paid thousands of dollars to appear in bars (NO ORANGE ONES EITHER!), one band is making amazing punk rock music for free.

On February 8, Bomb the Music Industry! released Adults!!!: Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited By Nothing!!!!! (Adults! for short), on the donation driven Quote Unquote Records. You wont find this band selling T-shirts on their Web site or peddling their merch at shows. Instead, they have a stencil that they will spray paint on to your shirt.

Adults! is the followup to Scrambles, which was my favorite album of 2009. So needless to say (why say it then?) the 7-song EP had some big shoes to fill.

Well, this EP is great. Period.

Adults! begins with the ska-driven “You Still Believe in Me?” and “Planning My Death.” Vocalist/guitarist/saxophone player/keyboard player Jeff Rosenstock has gone back to what drew a lot of people to the band in the first place. Ska upstrokes and horns dominate these two fast numbers. Laura Stevenson’s vocals really add a lot to this album, especially the powerful “Ba ba ba ba ba” at the beginning of the chorus on “You Still Believe in Me?” This part of the song really reminded me of some of the work Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs did for the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack. It just has that sort of whimsical, playful vibe to it.

“Slumlord” is Rosenstock’s open letter to the landlord of his crappy apartment. The synth work on this track is really great and adds to the song.

“All Ages Shows” is a slow, but powerful ballad about relationships and punk rock music. In my eyes, this song can mean a lot of different things and it can really speak to a wide variety of people.

In a trashed room in 1996.
A fourteen year old punk and in a flash I’m my parents.
And we’ll never know love, ’cause I was too busy talking to my Green Day posters
They never said nothing to me.

“The First Time I Met Sanawonis the one track on this album I can absolutely not get enough of. I can listen to it over and over. It has a great ska vibe, plus Rosenstock name drops Chicago, which you have to love. The singalong chorus is amazing. It is one of those songs that makes you long for the summer, even though it is about how cold Chicago is.

The EP concludes with “Struggler,” which is an ode to failure. Rosenstock sings “I don’t wanna go outside ’cause I might have a terrible day and get sent home.”

Overall, this EP is a great collection of songs from Bomb the Music Industry! Since this record was made in 5 days, I would be very surprised if this was the last we heard from Rosenstock this year. The fact that this band is releasing such great and creative music on a shoestring budget makes you really think about why bands need a huge label and tons of money to be successful. Adults! was recorded in someone’s mom’s basement and mixed in an apartment. So all of you small bands out there, don’t give up. There’s plenty of room for you to make great music.

As the great band Journey once said:

The wheel in the sky keeps on turnin’.

What? Did you think I was going to say “don’t stop believin’?” That would have been lame.

You can download Adults! here. A $5 donation is recommended, but you can sample any of the tracks or download the entire album for free. Also, every time you refresh the page, you get a different album cover, so you can pick whichever one you want.

Release Date: February 8, 2010

Label: Quote Unquote


Track Listing:
1. You Still Believe in Me?
2. Planning My Death
3. Slumlord
4. All Ages Shows
5. Big Ending
6. The First Time I Met Sanawon
7. Struggler

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